February Retiree Meeting

Monday 13, 11;00 am

American Legion Post 15

Hwy 31, Decatur, AL


Monday 11:00 am
American Legion Post 15
Decatur, AL Hwy 31

Retiree Meeting Local 2195

Monday Oct. 10, 2022 11:00 am

American Legion Post 15 Hwy 31 Decatur, AL

August 20, 2022

September UAW Local 2195 Retiree Meeting
September 12, Monday 11:00 am
Post 15 American Legion Post Decatur, AL

Hopefully this finds everyone well and ready to start back our Retiree Meetings after and enjoyable summer break.

Our next two meetings are going to be very important and should be of great interest to you.  At our September meeting, we will be going over the election rules that will govern the election of our International Executive Board and our Region 8 Director.

Monday June 13
11:00 am
American Legion Hall Post 15
Decatur, AL  
2607 Hwy 31

Hopefully everyone is doing well and enjoying the warm weather, June is a great time for many events like high school and college graduations as well as the many families events that are normally scheduled this time of the year.

Our June meeting will be the last one of the schedule events this period we will once again start our Retiree meetings back in September.

Retiree Meeting
Monday May 9, 2022
11:00 am
American Legion Post 15, Decatur

We are attempting to get our retiree meetings back on the regular schedule, second Monday of each month at 11:00 am.

There are some important issues on going in our Union that our members need to be aware of. We will discuss these at our meeting. 

Understanding Inflation and Price Gouging
By  John Davis

Inflation is the most popular topic on people’s mind these days. Everyone is feeling the pinch as prices inch upward. However, the current inflation is the result of price gouging by corporations, using capitalism to line their pockets while hurting working class Americans to pad their pockets.

What to Do In the Event of the Death of a Member or Surviving Spouse

Without a benefit representative it is difficult to know what to do in the event of the death of a member or surviving spouse. Pension, Life Insurance and Health Care are all impacted by a death. Here is what the survivors should do:

Local 2195 Deaths 2022

1. Bob Hay January 3, 2022
2. Debbie Ann Greenhall January 3, 2022
3. Calvin Cole January 5, 2022
4. Joe White January 10, 2022
5. Clinton Sams January 18, 2022
6. John Haaker January 22, 2022
7. Willie Stover January 23, 2022
8. Jan Jones January 26, 2022

1. David Legg February 11, 2022
2. Don Lovell February 20, 2022
3. Rick Burnett February 21, 2022
4. Randy Burnett February 23, 2022
5. Jay Carlton Johns February 21, 2022

Retiree Report January/February

Hello and hope everyone is safe and healthy.  We have several members/family that are still dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  At this point more especially the two-strains know as Delta and Omicron. The infections Omicron outbreak was the reason we postponed the retiree meetings since our last one in December 2021. 

This is a notification to inform the members we have tentatively scheduled our next meeting to start back April 11, 2021. 

Please pass the word.