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March 27, 2021

Letter regarding dependent verification:

I have received several questions regarding the letter of dependent verification, the main issue is about privacy of information on federal 1040 tax form.  The attached is a letter and this is a second letter that provides a better explanation regarding the different ways you may provide verification as well as protecting your private information, especially the figures and amounts on your 1040 tax document form. 

In brief if you send in your front page of your 1040 federal form you can white-out or black out all figures that relate to money as well as your first five digits of your social security number.  Please leave the last four.   

This verification of legal depends is required as a legal obligation that the uaw retiree health care trust is obligated to perform periodically.  Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion.  Please pass the word to other retirees on your email list or one's that you come in contact with.

In solidarity,

Chuck McDonald, chairman

Dependent Verification Letter

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