January Local 2195 Meeting

Meeting Monday January 8, 2024

American Legion Post 15
Decatur, AL

At the meeting, we will discuss why GM took the position to deny some of our members the $500 bonus. 

First of all, I would like to say, that I have received numerous questions via messenger, face-book, and a lot of personal phone calls. 

From the onset, I personally agree that this problem should not exist however GM has taken a position that unless you draw a portion of your regular pension from GM you are not qualified.  The explanation they have provided is; that the small check you received doesn't qualify as a regular partial pension credit. 

I have been in contact (since day one) when these denials started, with the UAW GM BENEFITS DEPARTMENT, their position is they vehemently disagree with the GM position. They went immediately into discussion with GM in a good-faith effort to resolve this most pressing issue.

You have the right to call Fidelity, GM, UAW GM Dept, or the Region 8 office.

Personally, I do not think you can get any more done by calling than what they are already trying to accomplish on our behalf.

We will await the outcome, when I hear anything or receive any pertinent information I will pass it on to you as I always attempt to do. 

I have done everything that I know to do on this issue.

Outside of the bonus issue, I hope everyone is looking forward to a great Christmas and a terrific New Year.  With all the problems that so many are going through, I believe we have a great number of blessings we can be thankful for.

I will attempt to get some of our vendors at the next meeting. I would like to remind everyone that if the weather is so severe that the schools are closed in Morgan, Limestone, Lawrence, and Madison Co. our meeting will be canceled. 

Please remember those who have lost loved ones or have people that are sick and shut-in during this Holiday period.  This month seems like the most difficult time of the year to deal with these issues.

In Solidarity,

Chuck McDonald