March Retiree Meeting

Monday at 11 am
American Legion Post 15
Decatur, AL

Hello, hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the end of the winter.  As you may know, Daylight saving times will begin on March 10, so remember, turn your clocks forward 1 hour, we will have less light in the am and more in the pm.

We have some of our vendors scheduled for the March meetings, Blue Cross as well as United Health Care will be there.  We also have a Representative for The UAW TRUST.  Kevin will be explaining, OVER THE COUNTER purchasing and proper use of the OTC card.  We had a lot of discussion regarding this at the last meeting.

We will be having Pizza at the meeting as well as can soft drinks.  If you would like to bring a dessert feel free to do so.

March 5th, Tuesday is election day in Alabama, one local candidate has asked for our support and that is: Marilyn Lands she would appreciate your vote and support, Marilyn is a candidate for District 10.  She has lived in the district for the last 30 years. If you would like you can check Marilyn's web page;

Our Union has endorsed President Joe Biden to be re-elected as President of the United States. President Biden has been one of the best friends to organized labor and more especially to OUR UNION than any President in history.  He has earned our support.

At this point, I do not have any more information on the $500. bonus, my last update was the UAW has met with GM and the discussions are ongoing at this point. Hopefully, I will get an update before the meeting.

Hope to see you at the meeting'

In Solidarity.

Chuck McDonald, Chairman