UAW Local 2195 Hold Last Meeting Before Summer Break With UAW President Ray Curry

June 12, 2023

UAW Local 2195 held there last meeting before the summer break. The meeting featured a meal and special guest, retired UAW President Ray Curry. Ray Curry is very familiar to Local 2195 members, as he was our servicing rep starting in 2004 and went on to hold the title of assistant director, Region 8 Director, Secretary Treasurer and then President.

Chair Chuck McDonald conducted the drawing for door prizes provided by Lynn Layton Chevrolet.

Local 2195 Retiree Chair Chuck McDonald introduced President Ray Curry. Chuck McDonald and Local 2195 member James Brymer organized Local 5285 in Mont Holly, North Carolina home local of UAW President Ray Curry.
“It is great to be here with you today, as Local 2195 will always have a special place in my heart,” President Curry stated. “I have many ties here from all the years as servicing as your local. The people here have always been great to me and I appreciate the support over the years. My one regret is that some companies prefer to run rather than take steps to keep operations viable. When the decision was made to close the operations here, we were able to find positions for the good folks here at other locations to finish out their time. At the time of the bankruptcies President Ron Gettelfinger alone stood before Congress and insisted that pensions and retiree health care be protected. His efforts saved the members here and many other locations. Supporting people who support us is very important and have experienced that first hand. Thank you again for all your support through the years.”

Local 2195 Chair Chuck McDonald and member John Davis presented President Curry with a plaque for his years of service and a commentative book chronicling his time as president. The plaque read:

To UAW President Ray Curry,

President Curry, thank you for your leadership, your inspiration and your humanity. From Servicing Representative, To Assistant Director, Director, Secretary Treasurer to President, you served this membership with distinction. Your intelligence, your dedication, your loyalty and your vision carried us through our darkest days and gave us hope for a new tomorrow.

May your retirement be a time of rest, relaxation and reflection. Know you did the right things for this membership and held this union together. Thank you for all you done.

UAW Membership Summer of 2023

The meeting featured a pot luck meal organized by member Lue Adams. Thanks to Lue Adams and Chuck McDonald organizing the event and Lynn Layton Chevrolet for once again sponsoring our meeting.