UAW-FCA Negotiations Update


We continue to follow the strategy of pattern bargaining by targeting a lead company to negotiate with. As you know the UAW continues to strike General Motors. They are completing their third week and our brothers and sisters at the UAW-GM Locals need our support now more than ever. I ask all of you to donate your time and visit the picket lines during your off-work hours. I know many of you have, but make sure to let them know that the membership of UAW-FCA thanks them for the sacrifice they are making for all of us. They will set the pattern for us to follow.

Your UAW-FCA Bargaining Committee continue to meet daily with the company in subcommittees. Some of the committees are close to completing to the point where the only issues left are economic or patterned that will be resolved once the UAW-GM negotiations are settled. Our current goal is to have all your non-economic and non-institutional demands resolved before our turn to settle comes.

Negotiating agreements as large and complex as ours takes time and the process has many ups and downs. While the UAW Negotiating Team at GM is leading the bargaining, I would like to commend your elected UAW-FCA National Negotiators for their focus and hard work negotiating your demands.

We all thank you for your continued support and through solidarity we will prevail in our endeavor to reach an agreement that you can be proud of.


Cindy Estrada
Vice President and Director
UAW FCA Department