Supporting Striking Mine Workers in Brookwood

Supporting Striking Mine Workers in Brookwood

The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) Local 2397 in Brookwood, Alabama has been on strike since April 1st, 2021. There are a total of 1,100 workers on Strike. They are on strike due to Unfair Labor Practices and their company, Warrior Met Coal, has not offered them a fair contract. A few years ago their old company went bankrupt and the miners took huge concessions to help the company make a profit. One of the concessions was a pay decrease of $6.00 dollars an hour. Last year the CEO made $4 million dollars and the mine workers asked for that $6 dollars back, as of right now, Warrior Met Coal has not agreed to even give them back what they deserve.

The workers' spouses have set up a food pantry to support the families of the workers. Their needs are much bigger now that their children are out of school for the summer and they need food that is good for children in the pantry. They are also looking ahead at the needs that the families will have when it comes to getting back-to-school supplies. 

The pantry coordinator is specifically requesting these items below:

 1) Food for children (cereal, pudding cups, fruit cups, chef boyardee)

2) Back-to-school supplies (pencils, glue sticks, etc.)

Please ask individuals in your branch to contribute to this pantry drive. 

Donations can be brought to the NAACP quarterly meeting in Talladega on June 26th. 

Thank you!

This communication was sent to me by Brother Al Rainey who is and Executive Member of the NAACP in Limestone County.   Al wants you to know as well as the Board of Local 2195 that all help and assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Charles McDonald