May Retiree Meeting


May 8-Monday 11:00 am

American Legion Post 15

Decatur, AL


We have two scheduled meetings left before and summer shutdown.  As you know we do not have meetings in July and August. We start our meetings back up in September.

We would continue to thank Lynn Layton Chevrolet for their continued sponsorship of our Retiree Chapter.  Lynn and Jeff also send out thanks to our members for their continued trust and faith in doing business with them and their dealerships in the Decatur area.  

John Hawkins and I will be attending our annual UAW Region 8 Retiree Conference this month.  Hopefully, we have some good things to report on when we return.  We will make our report at our June Meeting.

Our Vice-Chairman, Gary Sutton will be handling our May meeting, at which you will be in very good hands. John Davis will be making a report and sharing some good information.

1) Reporting a death 2) Our Local Union Web-Site.  John always has good info to share with the membership.

At our June meeting, we will be having our cover dish luncheon.  So bring your favorite dish, we will be furnishing the Ham, Turkey,  Rolls, Tea & Coffee. Should you require something else to drink feel free to bring it.

If you have anything to come up that we can assist you with while we are at the meeting you can get with Brother Sutton who can always get in touch with John and me.

Take care and enjoy the May Meeting.  

In Solidarity.

Chuck McDonald