June Report

Monday June 13
11:00 am
American Legion Hall Post 15
Decatur, AL  
2607 Hwy 31

Hopefully everyone is doing well and enjoying the warm weather, June is a great time for many events like high school and college graduations as well as the many families events that are normally scheduled this time of the year.

Our June meeting will be the last one of the schedule events this period we will once again start our Retiree meetings back in September.

Hopefully everyone that can will make this one.

We will be have a guest Local Benefits Representative visiting with us from Local 1853 (most know this is the old Saturn Plant.)  He will be available to assist with questions regarding benefits and health care concerns.  Unfortunately he will not be able to process bills or claims. 

July will be the month of our UAW National Convention, as most of you know there has been a lot going on in the last couple of years at International level. We will be discussing the issue and the directions our International Executive Board is headed and what we as members need to do.  Remember our Union the UAW is a transparent Union and we lay out all issues both good and bad.

Once again we continue our appreciation of Lynn Layton Chevrolet for their continued support of our Retiree Chapter.  Although we haven't been serving food since the COVID 19 pandemic, Lynn and Jeff have continued to provide us with some very nice door prizes.   The only thing they ask;  If you have a need for a new or used car, give the them opportunity to serve you.

In Solidarity 

Chuck McDonald, Chairman