December Retiree Report




11:00 AM

Here it is December we have almost put another year behind us.  I'm sure you agree the older you get they seem to move much too fast. The past year has still been a trying year for many, not only have we lost several members there have also been reports of family and friends that will not be with us.

The COVID- Pandemic has not only cost a lot of lives it has made in much more difficult to deal with everyday life as we once knew it.  Unfortunately there is no absolute end in sight.  So let’s continue doing the best we can to protect ourselves our family and friends.  If you haven't already please get vaccinated, wear a mask where appropriate and continue social distancing.  I know everyone gets tired of hearing this but there is another variant out called OMICRONE which is being evaluated with the writing of this report.  One statistical fact I want to share with you.  A person is 14 times more likely to die of COVID if they have not been vaccinated vs those that are fully vaccinated and 98% of all Doctors have been fully vaccinated.

We have several changes in our health care for the year...2022 you should have gotten a brochure outlining the changes.  It appears there are many positives and no take a ways.  We went over the highlights at our last meeting and will do that again at this meeting.  Unfortunately our vendors are still on travel restrictions and will not be at the meeting.  Anyone needing assistance, we will attempt to help with whatever your issue may be.

Once again we will not be able to serve food at the meeting hopefully somewhere in the future we will be able to return to having a luncheon as well as a meeting.  

Good news from Lynn and Jeff Layton they will be providing some very nice door prizes that we think our members will be pleased with.

Lynn and Jeff both want you to know there has been some confusion or claims that our Retirees/Active GM/Delphi members are not receiving their GM and Friends and Family discounts.  They both said they regret very much any problems a qualified person may have encountered and they will address this issue with all their staff.  They do want you to know they fully intend to continue as in the past respecting your GMS and FRIENDS AND FAMILY discounts.  The one exception that still remains is the CORVETTE no employee discounts is available.

There will be a major change in our International Union in future years. As you may or may not know the referendum ballot that was sent to all UAW members has been counted and the results are in. There were two options on the ballot (1) Retain the present system (this is known as the delegate system) of electing our International Executive Board Officers or (2)  Go to a individual vote where each member can cast a vote for the International Executive Board Officers. (1MIV.. This is known as one man one vote.)

No (2) won out in the count by a considerable margin.  The sad part is that of the 1.2 million eligible members only 14% returned their ballots.  This to me is disgraceful considering the major impact this change could have on our Union.  I can live with the change and I will do my best to make and keep our Union the great servant of the working class in modern history but I'll never accept the lackluster response to this important change.  We are better than this and our Union is better than this.  I know we have had our problems with some unfaithful selfish Officers that succumbed to greed. They have been dealt with and are no longer members of our UNION, many of which are in prison for their illegal actions.

Hope to see you at the Meeting take care and stay safe.

In Solidarity, Chuck