April Retiree Report

Monday 11:00 am
American Legion Hall Post 15
Hwy. 31 Decatur, AL

This will be our first meeting since January.  We felt the need to hold off on meetings until we could see that the COVID-19 once again had become less of a threat to our group.  I believe we made the right decision because we continued to lose members as a result of this dreadful Omicron outbreak.

Once again I have invited our UAW Trust and our vendors to the meeting.  I have no response at this time if they have lifted their travel restrictions. 

I receive a post card in the mail from the UAW Retiree Health Care Benefit  Trust, they have hired another Health Care Provider for our Plan. I do not have any more details other than what was on the info post-card.  They claim it will be good with better coverage. They will be setting up meetings regarding this important issue.  The new Plan will not be available until January of 2023.

I am attaching a leaflet with this email it is self-explanatory:  The U.M.W.A. (Coal Miners) are going through the longest strike in their history and it just happens to be in this Union hating state of ALABAMA.   

The Rally is April 6th I hope some of you can attend.  If you can call me and let me know I would appreciate a heads up. 

We will not serve food at our meeting at this time; hopefully in the future we can work out something like we had in the past.  One reason is we have no idea how many may be at the meeting or what cost will be.

Lynn Layton Chevrolet provided us some nice door prizes at our previous meeting.  I will be checking with them to see if they have anything is store for this meeting. We appreciated all the support that Lynn Layton and Jeff have provided our Retiree Chapter over the many years. 

In solidarity,

Chuck McDonald, Chairman


P.S. Our Vice-Chairman Gary Sutton (Lamb-Chop) broke his leg last week and will be going through some tough therapy so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  (you will never know how much he does for our Retiree Chapter.)

Please pass on this info; I only email approximately 250 members.