2021 January Retiree Report

Retiree Report January 2021

Hope everyone is having a good New Year there is a lot going on we are in the middle of two crisis 1) The COVID-19 pandemic which has impacted many of our members, family and friends.  There are over 400,000 that have died since March of 2020 with this virus.  They project are another 100,000 with in another month or so.  We hope and pray that the vaccine being produce is the silver bullet that puts an end to this nightmare.  

If you have got started on your vaccine I truly hope you are attempting to get one scheduled.  We have found that the best place at this time is with the County Health Departments. 

Several of our members have had success getting their shots at some of the County Health Departments, Morgan, Limestone and Cullman are the ones we have heard of mostly.  It is pretty much the same in TN.  Please get a shot when you can, keep wearing your mask and washing your hands and keep up your social distancing.   We can beat this awful pandemic if we do it together.  Respect for other is the greatest attribute you can show by following this proper protocol. 

We have just gone through our general election and as projected we have a newly elected President and Vice President.  Since the election we have seen some of the ugliness in our Country that we never thought or dreamed could have taken place with our democracy.  However many Americans having a false belief and hearing continued lies that the election was rigged or stolen from Trump is truly unbelievable.  This miscarriage of truth has and continues to test our democracy to a point where many wonder if it can continue to exist. All this based on false allusions people are clinging too.  The strain placed on our democracy and the actions of some American citizens have created one of the most heinous attacks on our country’s foundation.  The attack and destruction carried out against (the People House our Capital Building) is hard to realize or accept it truly happened.  The attack causing loss life and threats to kill Vice President Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is like waking up to a bad nightmare, but unfortunately it was real. The truth will be forthcoming the criminals will be brought to justice and we will get through this. Let the legal system work that is why we have three branches of Government. How long or if the damage can be repaired is a question to be answered; one thing always holds factual you can never resolve any issue if people are unwilling to accept the truth.  We had a fair honest election and Trump lost.  He lost by large numbers, both in the popular vote and the Electoral College, so let’s do our job and help heal our Country.

John Davis informed me that we will have some cosmetic change in our Local Union web-page.  These are required by the server. John says it might be a little more difficult to navigate but hopefully there will no major issues.  I would like to thank John for all the work he does to help keep our retirees informed of what is going on and how to receive proper information on many useful subjects.

I would also like to thank Amy Seymore for a continued good job keep us update on our deceased membership list.  Amy also includes a lot of other good info as well as numerous photos of members and their families. Thanks from all of Amy we know you put in a lot of time and work.

As of now we will have our first Retiree Meeting in May 2nd Monday at 11:00 am provided this pandemic becomes more under control. Base on the age of our members we should for the most part be almost totally vaccinated. 

Our Democracy and way of life are very fragile don't take them for granted that someone else will stand up and protect them.  We are the protectors.

In Solidarity

Chuck McDonald, Chairman