Local 2195

November Retiree Meeting

NOVEMBER 13, 2017
Local 2195 UAW Union Hall
Tanner, AL
11:00 am

Our sponsor this month for or retiree luncheon will be the First Family Federal Credit Union. As always we appreciate their continue sponsorship of this annual luncheon.

Our Blue Cross Representative is scheduled to be at our meeting if you have questions for them or outstanding bills you would like them to look at this should be an opportune time.

We are still in the process of getting our air-conditioning fixed in the hall auditorium, this should not be an issue with the cooler weather .

We believe that our problem with our food delivery has gotten fixed, on bad outing in all the years is not bad but when come to eating we like to keep a perfect record.

We are still scheduled to have our outside annual clean-up this Thursday if you can help it is always appreciated. Clean-up will take place inside also if you prefer not to work outside.

Don't forget we are going to have an election for United States Senator on December 12, Doug Jones is our endorse candidate any help or assistant you provide is appreciated.

In Solidarity
Chuck McDonald, Chairman


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