Local 2195

Message On GM Strike

 It is very early in the UAW/GM strike. I have been asked several time what can we do too show support for our Sisters and Brothers on strike? I will be contacting the President at UAW Local 1853, in Spring Hill, TN, (that is our closest GM Plant), to determine what their needs may be and how we can best help their members. I will find out when would be a good time for us too visit.

Each individual has the right to go there an show their support..... I would encourage you to go by the UNION HALL to ensure that everything is done in an orderly manner. As time goes on the needs will become greater. I'm sure our Region 8 leadership will be reach-out to us for assistance. Thanks for all the interest in helping our Sisters and Bothers.

In Solidarity,
Chuck McDonald,
2195 Retiree Chairman

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