Local 2195

February Retiree Meeting

 Retiree Meeting
February 8, 2016
11:00 am
Local 2195 Retiree Union Hall
Sandy Lane, Tanner, AL

Weather permitting our Blue Cross representative will be at the meeting Monday if you have any outstanding issues or bills Nancy will help you with them.

Our regular clean-up will be this Thursday at 9:00 am everyone is always welcome, this provides time for fellowship and addressing issues if you have anything that you need to discuss.

We have an important election coming up on February 16, it is to fill the vacant House Seat for State District 5.
Everyone that has been watching the news knows what a mess that is going on in Montgomery. The Republican majority has produced nothing for Alabama but poor leadership which has been an embarrassment for the citizens in our state. They have robbed the Educational Trust Fund of 80 million dollars and put it in the General Fund.

We are endorsing a proven honest hardworking dedicate public servant for this position Henry White, we need Henry and Henry needs our help and support. Join with us and work for the election of Henry White.

Our luncheon will once again be sponsored by Lynn Layton Chevrolet of Decatur. Hope to see you at the meeting.

In solidarity,

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