Local 2195

New Hippa Forms

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Starting July 1, 2011, I will have to have Hippa forms filled out on you and all family members before I can talk to anyone on your behalf. I have faxed forms to Chuck McDonald at Local 2195. These forms are for your protection. If you want you can call for yourself to check on any Insurance problems and they( Blue Cross Of Michigan) have on you. That number is 1-800-482-2210. You will not have to fill out a form when checking on your behalf. Only if you send something to me will the forms have to be filled out. My fax number is 404-584-9538. On the Blue cross form where it ask for your contract number this will be the enrolee number on the front of your insurance card. Do not put your social security number in that box.. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but we must follow the new rules.


Skipper Rish
Special Assigned Retiree Benefit Rep
Region 8

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