Local 2195

November Retiree Meeting

Local 2195 Retiree Meeting
November 11, 2019
Monday 11:00 am
American Legion Post 15 Decatur, AL

Most of you are aware that our meeting is on Veterans Day. We always honor our Veterans for their service and sacrifice to our Country and for the protection of our Freedom.

Our luncheon at the meeting will once again be sponsored by Lynn Layton Chevrolet of Decatur. We are always appreciative of Lynn and Jeff for their continuing assistance to our Retiree Chapter. Their only request is: if you have a need for a new or used vehicle gives them the opportunity to serve you.

Our Blue Cross and Aetna insurance representatives are schedule to be at our meeting. If you have issues either questions or billing problems it would be a good time for you to address them with these representatives.

There is a lot going that we will be discussing at this meeting, GM negotiations have just concluded. We are hearing of many troubling issues concerning problems with some of our UAW Leadership at the top levels. You might say our Union is navigating through some very troubled waters at this time. My hope is that everyone will give an opportunity for the facts to be present before jumping to premature conclusions and criticisms. You have the right to speak out and say what you feel about anything going on in our Union, remembering one important thing it is our Union and words can have consequences.

I have been asked how we would know if a meeting is canceled for inclement weather. Since we are meeting in Morgan County if you hear the Decatur City Schools and Morgan County Schools are closed due to weather conditions, we would then cancel our meeting. We have only canceled one meeting in the 18 years I have been Chairman.

Hope to see you at the meeting, In Solidarity



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