August Retiree Report

Retiree meeting 

Monday September 13, 2021  at 11:00 am

American Legion Post 15, 2607 US-31 Decatur, Al

At this time our health care vendors, BCBS and Aetna are schedule to be at our meeting.  However with the out-bread of this new strain of the covid-19 various known as delta variance everything is sort of up in the air and could be cancelled at a moment’s notice and that includes our meetings.

I do not have the words to express my disappointment in the fact that so many are and have ignored the seriousness of this health care crisis, we prayed for an answer and the vaccination has proven to be the best possible defense against this health care crisis.  We have lost several members as well as our members losing loved ones due to this pandemic.  We have had members that have been in the hospital fighting for their life with this dreadful disease, some have spent up to six months in the hospital and the one's that made it out of the hospital will never return to the full person they were.

Please get vaccinated if not for yourself to protect your family, friends and loved ones.  This is not just going away unless we help to eliminate it....the best chance we have is with the vaccine.

Just a reminder the BCBS lawsuit settlement that you received notification all claims have to be filed by November 5, 2021.  The place to file on line is or by calling (888) 681-1142.

On Wednesday August 4th there is a schedule rally for the coal miners in Brookwood, Alabama. These miners have been on strike since April trying to gain some of the pay and benefits they loss After Jim Walker Mine filed bankruptcy.  The mine was reopened under a different name Warrior Met Coal.  The miners agreed to large concession contract in an attempt to protect their jobs and provide an opportunity for the new company to return to profitability.  The CEO was reported to have made five million dollars this past year.  The miners are on strike attempting to recover some of their give backs in the concession agreement.  

 The time and place of the rally:  Bookwood Park..15689 Hwy 216 Brookwood, Alabama. 

I plan on leaving from the American Legion Post at 8:00 am the morning of the rally.  If you are interested in going meet me at the post.  You can always call me 256-874-0850 cell, local union phone 256-353-7893. Leave message if there is no answer.

I would encourage you to wear a UAW hat or shirt whatever you may have with UAW to show our support.

If you haven't heard our former servicing UAW representative who was later elected as our Region 8 Director has been installed by vote of the International UAW Executive Board As President Of The International Union, UAW.  This came about after President Rory Gamble chose to retire after he turned 65.  All that know brother Ray Curry feel that he was an outstanding selection and not only is he capable and well qualified he is a highly intelligent and capable trade unionist that will help restore the dignity and respect our union has always been now for.

Congratulation President Ray Curry we are thankful it is you our new president. 

I apologize for any mistake in advance for errors in this report.  Hope you can muddle through it.  I should have spent more time in the English class instead of trying to learn English in the pool room. Ha! Ha!

We have had several of our members and or their loved one who have passed away since our last meeting as usual we will make a report at the next meeting. Please keep our members and their families in your thoughts and prayers too many have and are going through hard times with this pandemic.

In solidarity,