Local 2195 Update


Hello my Union Brothers and Sisters hope you are doing well and staying away from this COVID-19 Virus. Most of the retires I talk too tell me they are hunkered down waiting for this virus epidemic to be over and hopefully we can return to something close to normal. That is our hope and prayer for our Country and the World as a whole. However we do not know the answer too what normal will look like in the future. There are still too many unanswered questions that only time will reveal. So please stay safe and practice all the prescribed methods that have been recommended for staying COVID-19 free.

As you may know there are many business closed and events that are canceled due to the contagious nature of the COVID-19, therefore it saddens me to inform you that our MAY RETIREE MEETING IS CANCELED AND VERY POSSIBLY THE JUNE MEETING WILL BE CANCELED ALSO: Our Insurance providers ,Aetna, Blue Cross and etc. are under travel restriction and can not come to our meetings until further notice and it is cleared for them to travel safely. If you have a problem with insurance or other providers please call their Customer Service number that have been provided too you. They can mostly be found on the back of your card.

Our meeting place American Legion Post 15 in Decatur has been closed for all activities including meetings. (They even canceled their bingo on Friday nights.)

It saddens me to hear some of the political claims that have been made about the outbreak of the COVID-19 Virus. It is very important that our members realize everything we have in our benefits and pension checks are tied to the welfare of our economy. Our health care is for the most part tied to the stock market and our pensions are tied to the success of General Motors and the P.B.G.C. (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation) which is government insurance program that is paid into by Companies that have a defined benefit pension program like ours that was negotiated by our UNION. So all our economic stability is enter-twined and we hope and need a stable economy.

Our deceased member list grows much too quickly, please remember our members, their family members and friends that have passed. I will list the one's I have since our last meeting: Joe L. Terry, Gary Martin, Glenn Stewart, Jimmy McCrary, Tom Wright, Iva Neal Douglas and Olea D. Couch.

I would like you to remember a UAW former Vice-President Cal Rapson, Cal play a major and important part of the negotiations for GM and Delphi during the bankruptcy that lead to the protection of our pensions and health care benefits. Cal as Regional Director in the Flint, MI area established a benefit that raised over $500,000 dollars for the first responders that were victims of 9/11 attack. The Flint work-force built and GM donated many vehicles to support the effort needed to rebuild after the attack of 9/11.
We had two Regional Representative pass away sine our last meeting. Emory (RED) Peoples was assigned to Organizing and was out of Birmingham, AL and Gene Keenum, Region 8 Service Rep. Gene was out of Memphis, TN and Gene will be remembered not only as a good rep. but he could tell some of the funniest jokes and always loved sharing his humor.

It is my personal belief and I think that the facts bare me out that President Trump and his Administration failed to act in the early stages of the COVID-19 Virus out-break. Too much time was wasted that put our Country and our citizens in very dangerous and vulnerable situation. I feel it is going to be difficult to return too anything close too normal in many of our lifetime. Take care stay safe hunker down or whatever it takes. Hope our next communication will be to inform you of our meeting scheduled. Please pass along this info.

In Solidarity