October Retiree Meeting

11:00 am UNION HALL

We are communicating with the UAW Benefits Trust about the schedule regarding our BLBS representative coming to our Retiree meeting, hopefully there will be a representative at this up coming meeting.

There is and have been a lot of questions regarding our insurance and the potential changes; Who will be impacted? We will again attempt to address any question that our members may have regarding the insurance concerns at the meeting.

As always the Thursday prior to the meeting we have our clean-up at the Union Hall and as usual everyone is invited to participate. 9:00 am.

There is a lot going on from Hurricanes to threats from North Korea that our Country is dealing with.
We have a Senatorial election coming up in December, hopefully everyone is paying attention to what is happening in that race and how we as Alabamians can be impacted by the out come, by the Senator we elect.
Hope to see you at the meeting.

In Solidarity