Local 2195

March Retiree Meeting

MONDAY MARCH 9 at 11:00 am
American Legion Post 15
Decatur, AL

(You know the ole saying it rained cats and dogs and the weather wasn't fit for man nor beast.) I believe after this week the report is that we are going to have a dry spell. Although we had a smaller crowd than normal we had a good turnout considering the weather. We had some very good information provide by the representative of the UAW Health Care Benefit Trust regarding how to handle your medical benefit issues. You should receive in the mail a copy of the phone numbers of our providers made available for you too contact to address your issue. Also there will be an addition number to call if you continue to have a problem after you have called the provider and your issue is not resolved.
We normally have our Blue Cross and Aetna Representatives at our meeting to handle any concern or problem. They also keep us update regarding in new events or procedures, they are schedule to be at our upcoming meeting, Monday.

We are facing a real danger with the outbreak of the Coronavirus-Pandemic it is having major impact on the World impacting the safety and health millions of people. It has spread to at least 47 Countries and a few cases have been reported in the U.S. There has been a major destabilization in World Trade which has an overwhelming impact on the stock market that was down over 10% just last week. Hopefully there can be a resolve too this major outbreak in the not so distant future. (Much prayer is welcome and needed.)

Tuesday, March 3 is Primary Election Day. It is a duty a responsibility of a Union Member too participate in all our elections, that is the one way we can help protect our democracy. Hopefully you will go vote, please don't vote against your own wellbeing and best interest vote to protect and improve the lives of the middle and working class. Protect our Social Security, Medicare and Pensions as well as rebuke giving tax breaks to those that already have more than they will ever need which only continues to drive-up our deficit which stands at over 23 TRILLION DOLLARS.

Once again we would like to thank Lynn Layton Chevrolet of Decatur for continuing to sponsor our Retiree luncheon. Lynn and Jeff say they will assist you in any way they can with your vehicle needs where they are purchase new or used or repairs in their top-rated service and body shop. Remember you can get up to 20% discounts on GM parts at any GM dealer; check out this nice benefit on gmfamilyfirst.com. Also you can help a friend get a discount on a new GM vehicle by obtaining a number for them. You can go to gmfamilyfirst.com or call 800-235-4646.
Hope to see you at the meeting.
In Solidarity,


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