Local 2195

Strike Update

 This is to inform our Retirees and any other UAW Member in the area who care to participate in supporting our Sister and Brothers that are currently on strike.

Many have asked what can we do to assist? We will have two drop-off sites next Wednesday, 25th of September, one in Decatur and one in Athens. We will take all donation to Spring Hill, TN and give them to the Strike Committee to be distributed at their Local 1853 Union Hall, we will deliver all donations on Friday Morning September 27th. Any and all are welcome to go with us.

*** Decatur drop-off will be at the American Legion Post 15 on 6th Ave. The date will be Wednesday September 25 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. John Hawkins and John Vassar will be in charge and accept any donations.

*** Athens drop-off will be at Swan Creek Park (located just south of the old Athens High School). The time and date are the same as those at Decatur.

Gary Sutton, Lue Adams and Chuck McDonald will be in charge and accept donations.

All volunteers that want to help are more than welcome.
Please pass this information on to other on your email list or anyone you can contact that might be interested in helping.
Pray for a speedy and fair resolution to this struggle.
It is very important should UAW AND GM reach a tentative agreement prior to Sept. 25 this action will be canceled and hopefully be unnecessary for future.

In Solidarity,
Chuck McDonald, Chairman


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