Local 2195

Retiree Meeting

September 12, 2016
Retiree Meeting
Local 2195
Tanner, AL

We trust and hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer and looking forward to a return of some cool weather and the start up of our Retiree Luncheons and Meetings.

It has been a long hot summer and we have lost to several of our members and including a few of our Delphi supervisors. We send out condolences to the friends and families to all that have lost a loved one's since our last meeting.

Next Thursday at 9:00 a.m. we will have our annual clean-up date at the Union Hall. We need volunteers so we can have our Hall in as good a shape as possible. We will be clean-up inside and out. If you can help we appreciate it very much the more that shows up the easier it is on all of us. If anyone has a large sprayer for spraying round-up we would hope you would bring it. We will be trimming all the scrubs and doing some weed eating. If you have any equipment that will help get the job done please bring with you.

Our luncheon will be provided by our long time friend and supporter, LYNN LAYTON CHEVROLET. Lynn has been our number one sponsor for many years and we appreciate what he does for us. If you have a need for a new or used vehicle they would welcome the opportunity to serve you.

We hope to see you at the clean-up and the Retiree Meeting. We provide the care for the hall and that is why we have been able to keep it. Most of you know we were broke into back in June and some of our maintenance equipment was take, there hasn't been any recovery of the stolen articles at this point.

In Solidarity, Chuck


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