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Local 2195 Update

Attention Local 2195 UAW Retirees

There will be no June meeting and as you know we do not have meeting in July and August. At this point and time we are not sure when we will be able to schedule our future meetings.

As many of you know there have been almost two million people in our Country that have contracted the COVID-19 Virus and that has caused over 100,000 deaths. Over sixty percent of those that have died are over the age of sixty (60) years of age and many of them had underlying health issues. This means that our group is especially vulnerable too this deadly Corona Pandemic outbreak. Therefore for the safety of our Members we will forgo our meetings until such time that it can be determined that it is safe and legal for us to come together.

As I write the notification the American Legion Hall is closed and will not open until June. They closed the Legion's Hall not long after we cancelled our first meeting in April.

These are unusual times and most of us have never seen anything like this in our life time and we hope and pray that we never have this issue or a pandemic of this nature surface again. If it ever does happen again I hope and pray that our leadership has taken the necessary steps to be more prepared to deal with and provide the people the truth about what we have to do to reach the best possible solution. True leadership normally surfaces when you are faced with a crisis disaster. I along with many others believe the leadership under the current administration has failed to meet the challenge of this most severe pandemic. You can have your own opinion but you cannot change the facts.

We would hope if you are having any problems that you are aware your health care covers the COVID-19 test at no charge to you. It is great that we have the best in health care coverage. Our benefits Health Care, Pension etc continues during this critical and uncertain time. Many have loss jobs and their coverage during this outbreak and our hearts go out to them hoping a solution can be forthcoming in the near future.

If you have a problem with your insurance call the customer service number on the back of your card. If that doesn't resolved your issue call the UAW RETIREE HEALTH BENEFIT TRUST 734-780-8117 who will assist you. They will work on your issue after you go through your provider Blue Cross, Aetna, etc. All of our providers are grounded at this time and couldn't come to a meeting if we had one scheduled. When they open up for travel we will attempt to make them available for everyone.

Since our last communications I have been notified of the following members passing: Shawn Bronic, David Warren Meinert, Luther Glenn McInnish and Bruce Dale Sparks. Please keep the members families and friends in your thoughts and prayers. May they rest in peace. If you know of anyone please notify us.
One thought before I close: What is the Union? Some members get this confused that it is me, you and or I. Well the Union is all three and much more. The truth is the word Union is joining together. Our Union is a progress movement of working and middle class people that set a goal many years ago how to obtain economic and social justice for those that needed it the most. How to provide a substantive voice in the American their labor and talents help to create. It is a progress movement that has provided economic and social justice for many. The actions by those that came before endured much pain and sacrifice to get us where WE as a Union enjoy wages and benefits most only dream of. Now the torch has been passed to our generation and I'm scared that those that follow us will see our failures because so many of us today only ask “what is the union doing for me!!!!” Do you do anything to help in the ongoing battle or stand up for the movement that has benefits you and your family’s economic welfare and workplace justice?

Please stay safe don't take your health for granted, we have many of our members suffering through many different illness - their fight is our fight and please keep them if you can keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Until we can get together the Retiree Board and I remain at your serve. If you need us contact one of us we will attempt to help you in any way we can. We still have the local union phone number 256-353-7893 or you can call me on my cell phone 256-874-0850. Please pass the info on we do not have everyone's email address.
In solidarity we will stand and succeed.

Chuck McDonald, Chairman and Proud member of the UAW


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