Local 2195

November Retiree Meeting

11: 00 am
20564 SANDY RD

We will have a representative from the UAW health care trust at this meeting to provide our annual review of any changes in our health care benefits for the year 2017.

As most of you are aware our health care is a veba that is independent of general motors. Except for one issue our veba owns several thousand shares of General Motors stock. When you vote Tuesday beware that anything happening in the stock market can have an impact on our overall financial condition of our veba health care fund.

There are still many outstanding questions about the pbgc and the letters that have been received by members regarding pension payments. We will attempt to update this issue as information is made available to us.

Our regional director ray curry sent out a letter in October requesting us to help provide assistance for the hurricane victims on the east coast, hardest hit with flooding was North and South Carolina. These states are a part of our UAW Region 8. We will discuss this at the

Our blue cross representative is scheduled to be at our meeting, she will assist you with any of your bills or insurance issues.

Our luncheon this month will be sponsored by family security credit union.

We encourage you to go vote tomorrow and support those that will extend a helping hand to our members should the need arise. There is a major difference in those that are willing to help us in times of need history has proven this time and time again.

We have lost several more members this month and hearts and prayers go out to their family and friends. We announce their names at the meeting after we verify their names.

Hope to see you at the meeting



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