Local 2195

June Retiree Meeting

Retiree Meeting
Monday June 11
11:00 am at Local 2195 Union Hall

It will be a sad time for me personally this will be our last meeting at our Union Hall. I was there when we turned the first shovel of dirt that started us down the road to having our own place. One of our members told me he had belonged to 3 different locals and 2195 was the first one that had their own Union Hall. We have held many meetings at the hall. There have been many activities enjoyed by our membership from our early day picnics to the many softball games that were played on our two ball fields. Some great training sessions took place both at the hall and the training center. We don't believe you can put a price tag or value to express the enjoyment our membership had at the facility. The last meeting at this great accommodating facility will come to an end after Monday's meeting and it will be sold. The cost to maintain has become more than we can continue to bare so the time has come to say good by to a place that we will continue to hold many great memories both happy and sad. There are not enough words of thanks to express all the support that it took in order to build and maintain the Union Hall both from our active membership days to the Hall being used by our Retiree Chapter Membership for our Retiree Meetings and functions. So I will just say thanks to all that played a role in the success of our wonderful little facility that we have known as Local 2195 Union Hall.

Our benefits Representatives are schedule to be at the meeting to assist you with any of your medical bills or questions.

Our luncheon will be sponsored by Lynn Layton Chevrolet who has been with us since the start of this Local Union and was one of the main sponsors for our very first picnic which was held on the hall property. Thank you Lynn and Jeff we have enjoyed a great mutual relationship over the many years.

In Solidarity
Chuck McDonald, Retiree Chairman


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