Local 2195

October Retiree Meeting

Monday Oct. 14
11:00 am
American Legion Post 15
Decatur, AL

As the strike against GM continues for our Sisters and Brothers we continue to hold out hope that a fair settlement might be coming in the near future. Having said that they are dealing with some very tough and important issues, just to name a few that are reported not have been settled, 1) Plant closing and work sent to Mexico. 2) The impact and treatment of the so called temporary workers. 3) The two and three tier pay and benefit system for those performing the same work.

We do and will continue to fight for and support our Sisters and Brothers of the UAW/GM that are engaged in this worthy struggle to obtain a fair and just contract.

THE UAW HEALTH CARE TRUST is schedule to be at this month’s meeting. They will explain any changes to our health care system that will take effect in January 2020. They will also have available with them many of the vendors that provide our health care services. If you have any problem or concerns it would be a great time to address them.

Lynn Layton Chevrolet continues to sponsor our Retiree luncheon. We appreciate the support Lynn and Jeff have shown for our Retirees and our Local 2195 Chapter throughout the many years. Lynn and Jeff said they stand ready to provide you and your family with the best prices and service possible, available anywhere in the area.

Any donation or support you may want to provide for the UAW/GM striker can be brought or presented at the Retiree Meeting.
Hope you get a chance to attend the meeting always looking forward to the visit and fellowship. Please pass this email on to other retiree members

In Solidarity,


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