Local 2195

Return of Preventative Dental Coverage

Dear Brother and Sister Retirees,

By now you should have received the letter from the Veba Trust explaining the upcoming changes for 2012. One thing I wanted to bring to your attention is the Dental Program. The new coverage is only Preventive Coverage. This means you will only have coverage for two cleanings twice per year, x-rays, fillings etc. If you are currently enrolled in the COBRA DENTAL(this is the program that you pay for each month) you might want to keep thisprogram. Once you cancel the COBRA you will not be able to pick it back up. The COBRA PROGRAM has full dental benefits provided you use a PPO dentist. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me and I will explain it to you.


Skipper Rish
Region 8 Retiree Representative

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