Local 2195

January Retiree Meeting

Monday January 11, 2016
11:00 am
Local 2195 Union Hall
20564 Sandy RD, Tanner, AL 35671

We trust that everyone has had an enjoyable Holiday period and looking for to all the blessing that the New Year holds for us.

One sad part of the old year is that we have had 52 deceased members in 2015. We are looking forward to that number slowing way down. The number 52 is based on the reports that we have received. This number does not include the number of salary or supervisor that we have worked with throughout the years.

As usual we will be having our normal clean-up this Thursday at or about 9:00 am everyone is welcome to help or visit.

We have not received any information on when the UAW Legal Service will be taken new cases at this time.

We hope everyone enjoyed and received the Bonus that the UAW negotiated for our retires. We have had very few issues where a retiree has received their check.

Hope to see you at the meeting; Our luncheon will be sponsored by Lynn Layton Chevrolet. We appreciate Lynn's continued commitment to our Retiree Chapter.

In Solidarity,

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