Local 2195

January Retiree Meeting

RETIREE MEEING: Monday January 13, 2014 11:00 a.m. UAW Local 2195 Retiree Union Hall 20564 Sandy Rd. Tanner AL Phone 256-353-7893 Wishing everyone a Great and Happy New Year. Hope everyone makes it through this cold spell without any serious problems. This gives you a good taste of why I left Michigan 34 years ago. I left the Union Hall in a hurry prior to the start of our last meeting and the reason was, my son called and they had an ambulance coming to pick up my wife. They took her to the emergency room at Huntsville. I would like to let everyone know that my wife is fine, she went through a lot of test but they determined her heart was not the problem and that she did not suffer a heart attack as we were so scared that it might have been. Thanks for all your concerns, thoughts and prayers. There is no one we call on more in these situations than the GOOD LORD and we firmly believe he came through for us in this case. We will have our general clean-up at the Union Hall on Thursday. You are always welcome to participate in this clean-up if you have time or if you like you can just stop by and visit with us. The clean-up will start around. 9:00 am. Once again this month our luncheon sponsor will be LYNN LAYTON CHEVROLET of Decatur. If you are looking for a new or used car we ask you give Lynn your consideration, as he has always been there for us. Our Blue Cross/Blue Shield representative should be on hand if you have any question or bills you need them to look at. I still run across Retired Members that say they aren't aware we are still having meeting or that we still have the Union Hall. So if you would contact those you know either, by email, phone or in person it would be appreciated. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Be careful and don't fall on this icy grounds. In Solidarity Chuck

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