Local 2195

April Retiree Meeting

Retiree Meeting
Monday April, 9
11:00 am
Local 2195 Union Hall
Tanner, AL

As most of you are aware we have three retiree meetings remaining in our union hall, the last being our June meeting. We have had several suggestions and we have been looking at all reasonable options. It will be very difficult to find a facility that has provided such wonderful accommodation for our membership. Our Union Hall has served us well over the years.

Once again Lynn Layton Chevrolet of Decatur will sponsor our luncheon. We continue to extend our appreciations to Lynn and Jeff for their continued support for all our Local 2195 events.
Our Insurance representatives providers are scheduled to be our meeting to assist our members with any outstanding issue or questions they may have regarding their coverage or bills.
Thursday we will have a normal light clean-up day around 9:00 am. Everyone is always welcome to participate.

If anyone has Ernie Fords phone number please forward to me. I haven't been able to contact him for a while and I need to check on his condition.

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


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