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UAW President Bob King to Address DNC

UAW President Bob King to Address DNC
Wednesday, September 05, 2012
UAW President Bob King will address the 2012 Democratic National Convention tonight (Wednesday, September 05, 2012) around the 9:00 PM time frame. President King will discuss the issues facing America’s working families and detail the bridge loans that kept over 1.4 million people working in the automotive sector.

During his speech to the Republican National Convention last year, Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan erroneously stated that President Obama’s action with the automotive crisis closed a GM plant in hiscongressional district. This was not true at all. The GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin was slated to close long before President Obama took office. To add insult to injury, Paul Ryan voted against extension of unemployment benefits for the workers who did lose their job in the plant closure.
Tune in tonight to see President King address the delegates.

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