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Region 8 GM/Delphi
Retiree Benefit Representative

Downsizing in the North American Automotive Market has resulted in a number of local unions being dissolved across the country. Unfortunately some of those local unions are in Region 8. As a result, many of our retirees have lost their local union benefit representative. Region Director Gary Casteel has assigned Region 8 UAW Representative Skipper Rish as Retiree Benefit Representative for GM/Delphi Retirees in the region. Skipper works out of the Atlanta Office.

If you have a question concerning a personal benefit issue call Skipper at 1-866-854-9756. For general information questions, email Skipper by clicking here. skipperrish@att.net


UAW LEGAL SERVICES 1-800-521-2979
NEW CAR PURCHASE 1-800-235-4646
SOCIAL SECURITY 1-800-772-1213
MEDICARE 1-800-633-4227
G.M BENEFIT CTR 1-800-489-4646
VEBA TRUST 1-866-637-7555
BLUE CROSS OF MI 1-800-482-2210
MET LIFE INS CO 1-888-543-3461
DAVIS VISION 1-888-672-8393
DELTA DENTAL 1-800-942-0667
MEDCO 1-800-464-4679

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