Local 2195

January Retiree Meeting

Retiree Meeting
Monday January 13
11:00 am
American Legion Post 15
Decatur, AL

The weather for Monday looks to be pretty good, temperature high in low 60's with chance of rain. Looks good for January hope everyone can make the meeting. I missed last meeting due to some kind of crude that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Took four days to get over and I'm doing fine now. First meeting I have ever missed due to sickness. Not bad for being Chairman for 18+ years.

The Aetna and Blue Cross representative are scheduled to be at this meeting. If you have any issue or problem you would like them to address this would be a great opportunity for you.

Lynn Layton Chevrolet of Decatur will continue to sponsor or monthly luncheon. We appreciate all Lynn and Jeff do for our retiree chapter. The only thing they have ever ask of us; is if you have a new or used car need give them the opportunity to assist you with your purchase or repair.

There is still a lot going on with the investigation of some of our former International Representative and their deplorable acts they committed while hold office as union representatives. Hopefully all will come out and the appropriate corrective actions will be taken against those that have violated their trust and responsibility of the office they have held. There is already corrective action being taken to correct any future potential wrong doings. These will be reported and discuss at future meetings.

Our 2195 Retiree Board certainly hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the Holidays with their family and friends. Cherish your time; as retirees we understand that each day we have is a blessing and its very important to enjoy them to the fullest, life seems to move way to fast the older you get.

It has been posted that there is (Forever Friends) dinner planed for Thursday night January 9 at the J.W. Steak House Priceville. I believe the time is 6:00 pm and all GM/Delphi are welcome.

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