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Retiree Update From Retiree Chair Chuck McDonald

August 7, 2020

It has been a long time since our last meeting, which was in March. The sad part is we have no idea when we might be able to have our next meeting.

Hopefully we will see an end to this pandemic known as COVID-19. It is my understanding that there is only two ways this can end. 1) a vaccination that will help eradicate the virus or 2) The virus has too runs its course impacting all that it can and it will fade away when our bodies build and immunity.

In the meantime the only thing we can do is be very cautious of where we go and who we are in contact with. Wear a face mask, wash your hands continuously and keep a social distance between you and others. Disinfect the area you all areas like home and autos. If you do not think this is something you want to do at least do it out of respect for others that are attempting to limit the spread of this deadly Virus.

There has been over 160,000+ deaths since March and Close to five million that have been infected these numbers include several of our members that we worked with have been infected. Please be safe and cautious.

Working Alabamians have a Senator in office that has always lived in Alabama and worked in the interest of Alabamians. He is and has been a voice for the working people, the elderly and the most needy in the state. This Senator will continue to work for equal justice and the rights of the citizens in AL.

Senator Doug Jones has a proven record and has been accessible to all the citizens of the state. I don't believe it is in the best interest of our state to send a former football coach to represent our state for such an important position. I don't believe it would be in the best interest of the University of AL or Auburn University to hire a Senator and give them a 6 year contract as football coach when they had totally unproven expertise as a coach.

The upcoming election is very important to working families, those on social security and Medicare as well as the most vulnerable in the state the working poor, our public school system as well as our U.S. Postal service and etc.

I hope you intend to vote and I hope our members will really take this responsibility serious and study the candidates, (there is a difference): If you do not want to go to the polls due to the possible COVID-19 danger you should be able to obtain and absentee ballot.

Here is the number for the Board of Registers you can call, The Chairman is Sandy H. Smith in Limestone County 256-233-6406 or 216-3865. Brad Curnutt Limestone Co. Circuit Court Clerk 256-233-6406 should also be able to help you with absentee voting.
I use Limestone Co. as an example you would need to contact the corresponding office in your county that you live and vote. Sorry I don't have all the info on the other counties or states.

Since my last communication with you we have lost several of our members and also a few salary I will provide the names I have. These names are from June 1 up to the date of this email. If you see anyone I have missed please let me know:
Bertha Cooper, James H.Brymer, Herman Batts, Lewell Smith, Vivian Allen, William Moore, Phyllis Ashford,**Ralph Mike Janescheck, Mark (Little Boy) Fairbanks, Juan (Bo) Agee, Gordon Ray, Curtis Smith, Brenda Jackson, Johnny Cross, Brenda Prichett, Delores Taylor and ** Fred Sexton. ** salary. Please keep the families and friends of those on our list in your thoughts and prayers.

I get a number of call from member with questions; I can't cover them all in this report. I provided several phone numbers previously, I hope the instruction and contacts we provide have been helpful to you.

One number I get a lot of request for is the Legal Service 800-482-7700.

Until we get a chance to meet again please stay safe and take care. Remembering working people and retires sticking together can be a very strong force to protect our benefits. Individually we are very weak and mostly our voices are ignored.

Alabama lost a great individual last week John R. Lewis, the boy from Troy, as he was tagged by Doctor Martin Luther King after he wrote Dr. King a letter when he was a teenager. John R. Lewis wanted to become a preacher and through his early years stood-up for what he believed and knew to be inequality and injustice. The boy from Troy fought against segregation all through his early years and life. He called his fight for justice and equality “for good trouble”. His part in the fight was always peaceful and respectful however he beaten almost too death on a few occasion but that did not stop him from a continued willingness to get in what he called good trouble for standing up and peacefully protesting. John R. Lewis got elected as a member of the United States House of Representative in the 80's and continued his battle for the rights of all God's children.

I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Congressman Lewis on a flight one evening and talked with him. I can say this to you I don't know if I ever met anyone that showed more care and empathy for our Country and its people. He was a man of God, he honorable fumble man that stood up for all of us. He stayed in good trouble every chance he got. I was proud that I had the opportunity to visit with him on the plane. May he rest in peace and his legacy always continue for his peaceful stance for justice and equality even when it requires getting into good trouble.

In solidarity
Chuck McDonald, Chairman
Local 2195 UAW Retiree Chapter


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