Local 2195

Fish Fry Update

August 14, 2012

I trust everyone has had an enjoyable Summer. We have not received any notifications of members that have passed away in the last couple of months. That is good news or we are lacking in our communication.

The sad thing that is going on at this time is they are in the process of tearing down our plant. It is difficult coming to the Union Hall and looking over at the demolition that is taking place at Delphi's Plant 21. I understand they are going to leave the high bay area where the fifty ton cranes are still in tact. The demolition is taking place with Plant 21 and 22. It is my understanding that Carpenter still is now the sole owner of Plant 23 and they will be keeping it for their new steel plant. Hopefully something good will come from this New Steel Plant.

Our designated as our clean-up day will be August 22, 2012, prior to our September Meeting and fish-fry. Start 9:00 am on Monday September 10. Normally takes couple of hours if several people show up.

We welcome all of those who would like to help with the clean-up. If you can operate a weed-eater and have one bring it with you. We will be cleaning up on the inside and outside. We normally have a good day with some real good help. So come on out and help take care of your Union Hall.

Most of you are aware from discussions at our meeting that Chrysler Local 1413 and 1929 no longer have a Union Hall. They have asked to use ours for their monthly meetings and we have agreed for them to do so on a trial bases. We will discuss this further at our next meeting.

Most retirees received a letter in the mail from the UAW RETIREE Medical Benefits Trust, They have put together a Medicare supplement package that you maybe interested in and we will be discussing this at the next meeting. Hopefully there will be someone from the Trust at the meeting.


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