Local 2195

September Retiree Report

September 7, 2020
Local 2195 Retiree Update

This is Labor Day; It is my hope we as members of a Union take time to remember what this day truly represents. We should all say a little word of thanks for all the sacrifices that working people have made for our labor to be recognized with this special day. The struggles working men and women have endure to provide us the opportunity to gain the wages and benefits that we have enjoyed both while we were working and in our retirement. I say thank you and I pray we will continue the fight for economic and social justice for all working men and women as well as our Country.

We are or you may have received an info packet from the UAW HEALTH CARE BENEFIT TRUST regarding any change in our benefits for 2021. At this point it appears they remain the same as our 2020 health care coverage. Please look through the info there are other issues included that you may find important.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on Americans as well as our membership. We have had members that have passed away because of this dreadful virus and many have been sick and defeated the virus but still there are several that are either in the hospital or have been released too continue their recovery. We just do not know the total impact hopefully a safe vaccine will be forthcoming and we can get back to something close to normal. We would hope everyone is wearing a mask and practicing social distancing as best you can.
Here are names of those we have loss since our last report. Please keep the families and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Robert Agee, Paul McMullins, Henry Smith, Aklin Lemmond, Leslie Weeks, Henry James Wildenstein, Curtis Dean Smith, Michael Lorenzo Balentine, Charles Wayne Aldridge, Paul Hansel Aldridge. Also salary employee Donald Havencrolf. We have experienced an unusual number of members passing in the last few months how many are a result of the COVID-19 I do not know. I do believe there has been too much of an impact by this pandemic on our membership. I believe poor leadership has played a role in this pandemic reaching the stage it has in our country.

There is an extremely important issue that has been imposed on us by President Trump; It is the deferred Payroll Tax that stop the payment of tax into our Social Security Funding as you know social security tax is 6.2 % on person up to 132,000 in earnings per year, the employer pays and additional 6.2% which is a total of 12.4 % that funds our Social Security . This tax has always funded our social security, the same as we paid when we worked.
President Trump signed a executive order to stop these taxes and said if he were re-elected he would make the tax cuts permanent. The temporary stoppage and deferment of these taxes is very troublesome. If the funding process is totally eliminated it would bankrupt the social security trust (estimated by 2023). This is all I'm saying about this if you don't think it is a real issue that is up to you. I hope you and your family members can live without your social security. It’s up to you to do something about it.

There is a lot going on if I had the time I could write a book. I will just ask you to look at the upcoming U.S. Senator election in our State. Senator Doug Jones has been endorsed by the UAW. Senator Jones is a good man, and is doing a good job for the people in Alabama. Senator Jones was born and raised in AL he has worked in the steel mills in Birmingham and attended the University of AL. He has fought for economic and social justice all his life and is very willing to work across the aisle with all who are will to do the right thing for AL and our Country.

In a local election for Limestone County Commissioner in District Two (East Limestone Area.) Our Local 2195 retiree member Roger Williams is running for this position. Roger said he would appreciate your vote and your support he is dedicated to be the best possible commissioner he can be for all the citizens in this district and Limestone Country.

In unity we have a chance.......a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Without unity they have us right where they would like us to be, independent and weak.

In solidarity, Happy Labor Day
Chuck McDonald


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