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Alabama Senate Race Looking at the Issues

This message allows you more insight to Tuberville business dealing and how it cost so many investors to lose a great deal of money. Although he plays the victim himself it is reported that this was a joint venture with a partner. Tuberville paid a lot of money to some real victims while is pardoner when to jail. For these reasons and many other the public is just learning about Tuberville outside of his Coaching jobs. Jobs that he was mostly terminated from or being bought out, like Auburn paid him over (5) five million dollars to get him out of his contract so he would move on. (and we wonder why college tuition is sky high.) There is a major question about his residency and how long he lived in AL outside his coaching days at Auburn. We would not want to go to congress and pick and unqualified person from their ranks to come to Auburn or AL and give them a (6) year contract to Coach our teams. Why should we even consider a guy like Tuberville to go to Washington as our United States Senator?

Let’s make it simple and keep a proven Senator who is well qualified and has proven how much he cares about the state of AL and all of the citizens in the state. Re-elect Doug Jones.

We launched TommyTuberville.com, a collection of comments, positions, and controversies that make it clear Tommy Tuberville is not prepared for the U.S. Senate and not worthy of Alabama.


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