Local 2195

January Retiree Meeting

Retiree Meeting

Meeting: Monday January 14, 2003
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Local 2195 Retiree Union Hall, Tanner, AL

There are suppose to be some visitors from the Medicare Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO program.

Several of our Members have receive letters regarding the Medicare Advantage program. The meeting is on Tuesday. I have not receive any communication on the meeting so I am limited on details. If you are interested in the Medicare Advantage program you might want to attend the meeting. I believe this is the same presentation that was conducted for our Retirees at our November Meeting. I would encourage you to attend if you have question or want to know more about this important Health Care Option.

I would like you to know that 2013 is the last year we will be able to utilize our UAW LEGAL SERVICE. If you have a need for the Legal Service I would encourage you to call and make an appointment 256-461-7526. Any cases that are outstanding at the end of 2013 will be continued to there completion. Hopefully Alice Hancock, Attorney and Director of the Madison Office will be at our meeting for follow up information.

Our luncheon at our meeting this month will be sponsored by LYNN LAYTON CHEVROLET of Decatur.

Tomorrow, Wednesday at 9:00 am will be our regular clean-up of the Union Hall. The hall is in pretty good shape thanks to the last crew of volunteers that performed a thorough cleaning. If you can make it you're always welcome. If not hope to see you at the Meeting Monday.

If you would contact our other members you are in contact with and share this information. The only news link we have is from one to another help make it work. If we keep our hall it is up to us.

In Solidarity,

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